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— May

Wellcome to Girard
— Jay Chung
The Luxury of Making Sense
— Claire Fontaine
Dream Developing
— Josef Strau
Rabalaïre (excerpt)
— Alain Guiraudie (Illustrations Clément Rodzielski)

Turn the Mirror Upside Down (visual insert)
— Bernadette Van-Huy
Getting Rid of the Sad Passions
— Helmut Draxler

On Henrik Olesen at Gaga & Reena Spauling, Los Angeles
— Thomas Duncan

On Heji Shin at Consortium Museum, Dijon
— Benoît Lamy de la Chapelle
On Proust at Musée Carnavalet, Paris
— Yves-Noël Genod
On Merlin Carpenter at Synagogue de Delme
— Annie Ochmanek

Some Days in April
— Josephine Graf

The Practice of Transmissions: conversation with Nick Mauss
— Helmut Draxler & Megan Francis Sullivan

Still in Another World: conversation with Isabelle Graw
— Dylan Byron

The Art at its Margins: On the exhibition “The Flames: The Age of Ceramics,” the last of a trilogy at the Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris: conversation with Anne Dressen
— Benjamin Lignel