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Richard Hawkins, He thought the pictures were ghosts, 2, 2018

Digital print, HP digital inkjet prints, paper 130 g/m2
59.4 x 84.1 cm / 23.4 x 33.1 in.
Temporally limited edition: available only till June 30th, 2019
Signed and numbered

In the now-quite-famous Kurim Case in the Czech Republic, young Ondrej Mauerova was hospitalized after being set free from the padlocked chamber his mother kept him in. Traumatized by abuse and deprivation, he became frightened by the pictures on his hospital room’s walls, having misperceived them as ghosts.
Additionally, the scale of collage has traditionally been limited to its source materials: 8x10s,magazines, catalogs etc. Mimmo Rotella is an exception. In wanted to up the size of my collages and, concurrently, finding new innovations in print technology (allowing for inexpensive, low print-run offset-comparable posters), I was lead into making these works—one of which is an ode to the painter Molly-Zuckerman Hartung.

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