MAY # 4

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— May
Entrée en matière
— Fulvia Carnevale

Sexual Difference: A Theory of Social Symbolic Practice (Chapter One)
— The Milan Women’s Bookstore Collective
— Antonella Nappi
Autonomy and the Need for Love, Carla Lonzi, Vai Pure
— Lea Melandri

The Ongoing Practice
— Lea Melandri
Let’s Spit on Hegel
— Carla Lonzi
Sturtevant, “The Razzle Dazzle of Thinking”
— David Lewis
Why working together with an inner Voice
— Josef Strau
Improvisation, Power, Cultural History-bending
— Tony Conrad
In Fashion. On Josephine Pryde
— Alex Kitnick
(FR) Conversation avec Mathieu K. Abonnenc
— Thomas Boutoux, François Piron et Benjamin Thorel
D5 and the Gesture of Withdrawal
— Jay Chung
“Nothing rings a bell?”, Brice Dellsperger, Body Double 22
— Clara Schulmann
The spherical space of James Benning
— Leonor Antunes