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— May
The Exhibitionary Complex. Exhibition, Apparatus, and Media from Kulturhuset to the Centre Pompidou, 1963–1977
— Kim West
— Yann Chateigné
London, London
— Richard Parry
An Image that Can Be Inhabited. On the film Enquête sur le/notre dehors by Alejandra Riera Lotte Arndt
— Lotte Arndt
The Hiking Trail Around the Airport
— Peter Fischli

On Thinking of readymades belong to everyone® at Greene Naftali, New York
— Liam Considine
On Show Me Your Archive and I will Tell You Who is in Power at KIOSK, Ghent
— Giovanna Zapperi
On Tobias Kaspar at kim? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga
— Oleg Frolov
On Till Megerle at Christian Andersen, Copenhagen
— Anke Dyes
On Juliana Huxtable at Reena Spaulings, New York
— Christian Haye
On Charges (The Supplicants) by Elfriede Jelinek
— Camilla Wills
Clifton Clifton
— Jeanne Graff

Limited Edition #20

Merlin Carpenter, Texte zur Kunst, 2017


Signed magazine,
6.5 x 9 in., 256 p.
Edition of 80 + 20 A.P.

The limited edition is a readymade — the current issue of the magazine Texte zur Kunst, signed.
This edition is one of an ongoing series of readymade works by Merlin Carpenter.
Like May, Texte zur Kunst offers editions for sale. Here an edition for May is the Texte zur Kunst magazine itself, for sale at ten times cover price.

150 euros + shipping
To order this edition, please contact editions@mayrevue.com