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Stephan Dillemuth, tit for tat, 2017

Plaster, telescope antenna, fake gold leaf, flocking
Kasperle: 42 cm (94 cm with antenna pulled out)
Gretel: 50 cm (100 cm with antenna pulled out)
Each edition 5 + 5 A.P. (each edition is sold separately)

This edition features Kasperle and Gretel, two traditional characters of popular German puppet shows. Kasperle ends here with a human femur bone and Gretel with a deer leg. Complete with an embedded antenna, these editions reference the extravagant communication objects designed for our everyday lives, that tend to get smaller and smaller, then bigger and bigger, more visible, again. Our everyday chit chat is like tit for tat, from the puppet show to the stage of mobile communication, with childhood patterns continuing to inform our adult behaviour.

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