Fundraising 1.13

Josef Strau, No Title, 2017

Tin sheet with solder wire and inkjet poster
Tin sheet: approx. 81 to 50 cm (roughly cut), each unique
Poster: 42 x 59 cm
Edition of 7 + 2 A.P., signed on the back

This edition is handmade by the artist, through manipulating his sheet of tin with his hands tools and soldering equipment. The sheets are cut through with occasional holes, that he then re stitches together. Accompanying the work is a manual on its use in the form of a text poster in the artists new signature tear shaped design.
Relating to the artist’s eternal incompatibility of combining text and image/object, the tin was purchased in a Mexican folk art store for the making of tin icons which distinguish between the forbidden image of sensual worldly life and the parts cut out that expose the holy objects and bodies represented in the traditional icon. But the artist goes one step back and closes the holes of the tin back up to make any gaze towards even the potentially holy image impossible, in an attempt to reinvestigate the motivations of iconoclasm. In his last edition the artist created a veil for May Revue; possibly used by the collector to cover the face, this second and new edition is to create a kind of veil for our misuse of images, possibly to cover secular images or better any images in the collectors environment in order not to just protect the image but more so the gaze of the observer.

1800 € + shipping
To order this edition, please contact editions@mayrevue.com