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— May

Weed and the practice of freedom
— Claire Fontaine

The paradox of self-abolition: a mapping exercice
— Marina Vishmidt
Presence and absence
— Melissa Gordon
Narrative without end
— Anna De Filippi
An exercice in the practice of affidamento
— Alex Martinis Roe
Marinella Pirelli films
— Lucia Aspesi
Human strike between foreignness and responsibility
— Claire Fontaine
Introduction to double-bind
— Rhea Anastas

Citadelle. On Marie Angeletti, “Citadelle” at Édouard Montassut, Paris
— Jacob Stewart-Halevy
On Mathieu K. Abonnenc, Lotte Arndt, Catalina Lozano (eds), Crawling Doubles. Colonial Collecting and Affect
— Emmanuelle Chérel
A world exactly like this one. On Credits by Hannah Black
— Jack Gross
Get some rest Pam, or Jason Bourne comes to age. On Paul Greengrass’ film, Jason Bourne
— Maija Timonen
Aggregation or mere dislocation. On the 9th Berlin Biennale and “Painting 2.0: expression in the information age,” mumok, Vienna
— Kari Rittenbach
Visual Insert
Villa Noailles (1)
— jeanne Graff