May #13

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— May

καταστροφή: the End and the Beginning
— Déborah Danowski

Man in the Anthropocene (as portrayed by the film Gravity)
— Stephanie Wakefield

Politics in the Anthropocene: A Conversation between Stephanie Wakefield and Antek Walczak
— May
DIY or DIE: A Pastoral Selfie
— Jenna Bliss, Elise Duryee-Browner, Damon Sfetsios
Two Tales
— Alejandra Riera
Insert: Dustin
— Valentin Bouré & Mélanie Matranga

Mirror, Mirror On Da Wall… On the exhibition of Stewart Uoo, Galerie Buchholz, Berlin
— Daniel Horn
Grafted Garden. On the exhibition “Your Portrait: A Tetsumi Kudo Retrospective” at the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
— John Beeson

Kiss me, kiss me, cover my body in Love
— Karl Holmqvist
True Romance. On Camille Blatrix’s exhibition “A Ticket for the Sequel” at the galerie Balice Hertling, Paris
— Édouard Montassut
The Apersonal Affect. On Anne Imhof’s exhibition at the galerie Deborah Schamoni, Münich
— Kerstin Stakemeier

On Dorothy Iannone’s exhibition “This Sweetness Outside of Time” at the Migros Museum für Gegenwartkunst, Zürich
— Karl Holmqvist
“Sorts of Notes.” On the book Dubuffet typographe by Pierre Leguillon
— Mica Gherghescu
On the exhibition “Charles James: Beyond Fashion” at the MET, New York
— Jason Simon