MAY # 7

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— May

“I think it’s time to break off…”
— Olivier Zahm

Preface (Documents sur l’art, no 2, 1993)
— Hervé Legros
Interview with Olivier Zahm
— May
Wishing to be in Paris, glad to be in Berlin or different ways to escape the 1990s
— Stephan Geene
Visual insert
— Axel Huber

Looking the part – The Empty Plan by Anja Kirschner and David Panos
— Maija Timonen

Gerard Byrne, “In San Francisco they say, “Flash on it””
— Clara Schulmann
Ken Okiishi, (Goodbye to) Manhattan
— Karl Holmqvist

Richard Prince, “American Prayer”
— François Aubart
Emily Sundblad, “Que Barbaro”
— Rob McKenzie
Henrik Olesen, The Maculate Conception
— Elisabeth Lebovici
Rirkrit Tiravanija, Lung Neaws Visits His Neighbours
— Karl Holmqvist
Kœnraad Dedobbeleer, The Duplication of Dedobbeleer
— Vincent Romagny
Christopher d’Archangelo, Contrary to Intuition, Let’s Begin with an Image
— Scott Portnoy