Villa Noailles (1)

— jeanne Graff

Catherine, I forgot to take the bottles so I could fill them with water in the first
kitchen, we’ll have to go back and get them because we need to stock up at the
water fountain, we don’t drink enough. This house is nice but the ten-minute
walk from one kitchen to the other is a bit annoying. Ten minutes, that’s a bit
long. The first kitchen is on the right after the long corridor, you go down two
little flights of stairs, you turn left, then you climb the long flight of stairs that
runs near the indoor pool, you make a left, you cross the long corridor, after
thirty meters, you pass in front of the bedrooms and then it’s an immediate right,
you push the door and that’s the first kitchen. The tomatoes are there too. Oh no,
at lunch I’d grabbed them and put them in the tall fridge on the right. The knife
and the cutting board were left out though. It’s so far. Don’t forget to take your
keys. The new rule is, after thirty minutes, if we haven’t seen the other person
come back, we go look for her, because it’s no fun to be stuck alone for hours on
one of the terraces or if you’ve taken a shortcut. There is a shortcut over there,
a little spiral staircase but I’m not sure I have the key and I don’t really know
which door it is anymore, we should check. We could also go through the back
terraces but the problem is you can’t close the last pink door from the outside;
so that’s not possible. We’ll have to go around the front terraces, go in through
the dwarfs’ door and take the road. In fact we have access to the little garden
that’s all the way on the other side, the dividing wall isn’t that high, it’s just that
we didn’t see it last night when we came in from behind; in fact we could have
reached the little garden without the key.