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— May

Crisis Fashion
— Daniel Horn

DIS and That
— Mikael Brkic

Vetements – Fall / Winter 2016. Panel Discussion
— Lou Stoppard & Sahil Babbar, Aude Fellay, Aya Noel, Priyesh Patel, Vilde Sorum
The Modern Naked King
— Taque Hirakawa
Interview with Women’s History Museum
— Ada O’Higgins

Maison Artists Space. Interview with Stefan Kalmár
— May
— BLESS & Anja Aronowsky Cronberg, Heinz Peter Knes
— Tobias Kaspar & Tobi Maier
Jesus as Readymade. Interview with Kaspar Müller
— Peter Fischli

La mode retrouvée. On the Wardrobe of the Countess Greffulhe at Palais Galliera, Paris
— Hannah Adkins
Post-Hummannerism. On “Inhuman” at Fridericianum Museum, Kassel
— Jakob Schillinger
— Eric Bell

Finely Crafted Stool. On Mathieu Malouf at Jenny’s, Los Angeles
— George Egerton-Waburton
Wolfpack. On the film “The Wolfpack” by Crystal Moselle
— Julia Moritz

Non classé
— May
Wellcome to Girard
— Jay Chung
The Luxury of Making Sense
— Claire Fontaine
Dream Developing
— Josef Strau
Rabalaïre (excerpt)
— Alain Guiraudie
The Practice of Transmissions: conversation with Nick Mauss
— Helmut Draxler & Megan Francis Sullivan
Still in Another World: conversation with Isabelle Graw
— Dylan Byron